Sight and Sound 9.2 (SOLD OUT)

Sold out

Our annual Sight and Sound issue is one of my favorites of the year since we specifically feature visual artists and musicians. I have wanted to feature Polaroid Jay and Cromwell Schubarth since I first met them a few years ago, so I am excited we have them in this issue, which explores what they are doing with retro instant film, which we contrast on the other end of the spectrum with Eric Darnell’s work at Baobab Studios in the realm of virtual reality animation.
As a publisher, I am also thankful for the creative companies of Silicon Valley who are helping us to better share our content, like issuu, and for work like Ben Parr’s with bots at Octane AI, each doing their part to help ideas reach the community. Then behind the scenes, there are the coders who make this digital revolution possible with their ingenuity and creativity. This issue offers further insights into that world, and we’ll continue to spotlight technology innovators like this throughout the year.
And of course, great visual endeavors are often inspired by music. Songs connect us so powerfully to others and to our own experiences that we are delighted to be featuring musicians and song makers across the spectrum, from opera to rock to jazz. As a result, in these pages you will get a glimpse of the ever-evolving and innovative sights and sounds of the South Bay.

Daniel Garcia
The Cultivator