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Content Magazine is a bimonthly San Jose based magazine promoting the people, events, and businesses of San Jose. San Jose deserves a magazine that would be able to articulate the unique life & style of our city.



Readers proudly enjoy Content to inform themselves and share with others about the creative and innovative community of San Jose in print and digitally.                                                  

CONNECTION:We believe in serving the city of San Jose. 

We believe in getting people together with a common goal, helping them explore their talents while producing something that will be a benefit to the city. 

 Content brings awareness of the people, events and opportunities that are in our city, as we connect together through an aesthetically pleasing forum. Content brings pride and hope to our community, highlighting the distinctiveness which is a destination for visitors and improves the quality of life for our citizens. Through multi-media, web technology and a beautifully printed magazine, access is provided for people to engage in each others’ businesses and creative endeavors.

Content provides a network for discovering new markets, consumers and the best that our city has to offer.

Content provides a network for displaying new businesses, venues and artisans. We showcase the diversity and creativity of our community with pride, whether it is the fantastically created meal at a local restaurant or the breathtaking work of an artist.

78% of people responding to an independent survey, do not think that the current local magazines matches their life & style.

98% of Content readers seek to purchase and visit locally owned stores, cafes and restaurants rather than franchises.

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