Sight and Sound 5.1

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Sight & Sound features some of the visual and audio artists of our beloved community. We love being able to showcase the vast spectrum of talent, experience, and style happening in our area with you. From award-winning architecture to local musicians releasing an album with help of Kickstarter funding, this issue gives you a “sampler” of the sights and sounds of San Jose. We hope that discovering these people and their work will inspire you in your creative endeavors, as well as present you with some new people to know and follow.

Featuring: Scott Knies. Jerry King. Morgan Smail. Tony May. SJSU MFA. Mo Gorjestani. Brandon Van Auken. DRUM! Magazine. Phil Hood. Andy Doerschuk. Del Carlo Photography. Image Challenge 13. The Limousines. Chad Hall. John Nguyen. Matthew Hamlet. Chris Esparza. Adolfo Gomez. Poor House Bistro. Jay Meduri. Eric Fanali. SATMAF. Showgraphics. Laila Smith. Mariachi Azteca. Elena Sharkova. Will Sprott. AYWY.