Sight and Sound 10.2 (SOLD OUT)

Sold out

We are honored to feature San Josean Anjelah Johnson, who has shared her experiences of the South Bay through her comic characters and observational comedy. For the backdrop of our interview and photo shoot, we worked with Winchester Mystery House, one of the local attractions and an historical site that really showcases the uniqueness of our culture.
Another aspect of our area is the branding and graphic-design creatives working with clients whose ideas ripple through the world. A few great examples of this are Liquid Agency, Cosmic, and Kevin Tudball. You have seen their work but maybe not even realized it. For example, if you happen to like Four Barrel or Verve Coffee, then you have experienced some
of Kevin’s work.
Speaking of coffee, in this issue we feature Red Rock Coffee. Not only do they craft great coffee drinks from fair-trade beans, they are also a great place to hang out to get a sense of the Silicon Valley cafe vibe, from entrepreneurs planning their next company, to coders coding on their computers, to people listening to local music on an open-mic night.
Again, I am inspired by the few people we can feature in each issue. I hope that as you meet the people in this issue, you are also inspired by their work and lives and find a new appreciation for our community—begin to sense the depth and breadth of the creative culture of the South Bay and realize there are many more issues to fill in as the years go by.

But for now, enjoy this year’s “Sight and Sound.”

Daniel Garcia