Profiles 9.5 (SOLD OUT)

Sold out

I was going to start by saying that this is my favorite issue theme because we get to cover more people in this issue than in any other. But to be honest, each issue is exciting to me because in each we discover and display such a great range of South Bay personalities. This issue, Profiles, is particularly special because I do all of the portraits, which I love to shoot—yet even more than that, I get to meet each person we profile. And that’s the best part. For me, it has always been about the people. My approach is, “Behind everything is a person.” For me, life is all about relationships: our connection to one other, our acknowledging of the divine and intrinsic value in each other. That’s why this issue is special to me. These are not just stories of people, but people I know, people I consider friends, people it is an honor to know—and to Profile.

Daniel Garcia
The Cultivator