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Invent Issue 5.2

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The creative culture is one of the things we love best about San Jose. While the idea of “innovation” frequently refers to the legendary technology industry of Silicon Valley, this issue celebrates those who are doing something new in other arenas besides tech. From the entrepreneurs starting a business in graphic tees, to the visionaries who are reframing the way work gets done day-to-day, to two people who develop a relationship from which something new emerges and transforms them both. There are a million ways to invent –to come up with a new method to express yourself, solve a problem, improve a process, or simply explore new terrority as you blaze a trail fueled by your passions. This issue is for those who are doers, builders, catalysts of change—here’s to those who invent!

Bay Area Curler, Gabrielle Coleman
San Jose Shark, Matt Tennyson
Brew Master, Dan Gordon
Women of Influence,Kim Walesh & Lisa Ellsworth
Photographer, Annie Leibovitz

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