Perform 9.4 (SOLD OUT)

Sold out

We are all performers: you know, “All the world’s a stage, etc.” In relationships, as students, and definitely at work, people review, assess, and critique us on what we do. As we do with others, even if this means simply evaluating someone’s character: do they live up to who they say they are, what they say they’ll do? This magazine is a collection of various performers—writers, editors, photographers, designers—each called upon to act out a task for the purpose of presenting it to others. Sometimes those performances are undertaken solely for the love of it, like hooping or being a part of a polo club. The joy of these activities isn’t overly tied to our performance. While other activities, like competitive synchronized swimming, are closely and meticulously measured and scored.

In this issue, we bring you a few of the performers that are sometimes overlooked: the person who lights the theater, the soccer player looking to build an international career, and the rich heritage of Mexican Folklórico dance. Our hope is that you will be inspired to participate with these people or to find your own joyful place to perform.