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Perform 14.3 (Summer 2022)


There are many aspects that I enjoy about doing Content MagazinE—meeting new artists, working with talented creatives to produce the stories, and helping bring visibility and voice to the South Bay’s artists. This issue continues in that tradition (I think I can call our production a “tradition” after a decade!). In the last several years, Content and SVCreates have awarded grants to regional artists who have applied to a juried selection for the Content Emerging Artist Award. Not only does this give the artist affirmation, but an unrestricted $5,000 award assists them in their career development, all made possible with the support of our partner, the County of Santa Clara, and the tireless work of the proponents of the arts, SVCreates staff Alexandra Urbanowski, Alyssa Erickson, and Alyssarhaye Graciano, and, of course, the leadership of Connie Martinez. We are honored to feature and recognize as the Content Emerging Artists of 2022 Chelsea Stewart, Kiana Honarmand, and filmmaker Jezrael Gandara.

On the theme of “emerging” Content writers, the founder of the online artists’ platform EvilTender, Chris Jalufka, has written an article looking at the intersection of art and tech with a guide to NFTs. In addition, (keeping emerging going here) we are excited to showcase six students from the Cilker School of Art and Design at West Valley College. We are honored to be a platform for artists in their beginning phase and their established careers, such as illustrator Megan Rizzo, sound engineer Don Budd, and assemblage artist and painter Jenifer Renzel. As I said, there are many things I love about doing Content, and now, in our 11th year as a print magazine, it has only become more apparent that there are more creatives in the South Bay that need our platform.

Thank you for reading and supporting the creative community with us.

Daniel Garcia
The Cultivator

Illustrator- Megan Rizzo Daisy | Artist - Jenifer Renzel | NFT Art | Francis Experience - Jonathan Borca | Fox Tale Fermentation Project | SJMA Richard Karson | SJC Airport Art | West Valley College Dean - Dean Shannon Price | Sound Engineer - Don Budd | Cultural Shop - Tank Shit Shop | West Valley Cilker Design Students - Anat Baird, Orit Avinoon-Metz, Sienna Hopper, Kate Kanemura, Sarah Kissinger, Frances Cooke | Content Emerging Artist - Jezrael Gandara, Chelsea Stewart, Kiana Honarmand | Album Picks - Needle to the Groove

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