Issue 9.3 Future (SOLD OUT)

Sold out

I am a “futurist.” At least, that is one of the personality traits that Gallup StrengthsFinder assigns me, and I think it is true. I am always looking forward to the next thing. Even in the middle of working on one project, I am already itching to start something new. Living in Silicon Valley, there is a lot of talk about the next, the new, and the future. Cutting-edge technologies are being worked on here in our own backyard—two of the latest: virtual reality and augmented reality—and living here, we have access to the right people to talk to about what’s new, what’s next. And often the opportunity to try these technologies out early on.
In this issue, we are excited to offer a sample of some of the pioneers of change. And though we are looking forward even to traveling to the moon, the future is not limited to technology. It can be a new building project, a new approach to art, a new vintage, or even a new career. Each one of these can be challenging and exhilarating. But in the end, we have a responsibility to help shape, build, and mold both our personal and our communal future. What will your future hold?

Daniel Garcia
The Cultivator