Dine 11.5

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It shouldn’t surprise me that we could have titled this issue “Team” rather than “Dine.” Food and dining are intrinsically tied to relationships. And this being one of the most expensive regions in the world, partnerships have become an effective way to make an entrepreneurial dream a reality. We didn’t realize that these food-based features were all cofounded endeavors. This unplanned discovery amplifies our intentions of having a “dining” theme for our “Holiday Issue” as food sets the backdrop for community. These stories beautifully illustrate that connection.

We hope that you are encouraged to gather your team of friends and family to experience the food and talent offered in this issue. We think there is a little something for everyone’s appetite and believe this issue will make you hungry and even give you the munchies. Happy Holidays. May you and your family celebrate life and each other as you DINE.

Daniel Garcia