Device 12.1

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Though we are in Silicon Valley, our primary focus is not technology. Even so, in our day and age, it would be difficult to think of artistic experiences that don’t intersect with technologies. In this issue, we look at some creative ways tech can amplify art: from the interactive iPad audio/visual digital guide tour of Picasso’s work to the 3D print, laser-cutting maker-space of Idea Fab Labs. These demonstrate how the digital age provides new ways to display, engage, and create. In addition, the emerging AI/VR tools are opening up new ways to share and view stories. It’s exciting to have Cinequest right here in our backyard as they look for ways to embrace these innovative platforms.

Yes, there can be a scary side to the computer and the “internet-of-every-thing” world we are in. But the journey for authentic expression will continue to find ways of challenging and inspiring culture, no matter what the DEVICE.

San José Arts Advocates, Peter Allen, Amanda Rawson, & Ron P. Muriera
San José City Councilmember Dist. 6, Dev Davis
More Más Marami Arts, Marissa Martinez
Spanner Product Design, Giles Lowe & Arne Lang-Ree
TBS Design Gallery, Mamuka Grigolia
Tech & Art, Seeing Picasso at Pace Gallery
Artist, Brittni Paul
Artist, Kent Ward
Artist/Sculptor, Oleg Lobykin
Immersive Experience Designer, Leily Khatibi
Cinequest VR/AI Storytelling
Idea Fab Labs, Jordan Lyman
Poet, Tshaka Campbell
Musician, Natasha Sandworms
Album Picks, Needle to the Groove
Cinequest Festival Guide