Device 11.2 (SOLD OUT)

Sold out

This Device issue was shot entirely on the Google Pixel 3 XL Phone. What better way to focus on tech in Silicon Valley than to use a new gadget for an issue devoted to emerging innovation? I like to balance the gadgetry and digital world with the tangible and analog, especially since I would not consider myself a techie—even though I was raised here in the valley of innovation. Hence, in this edition, we feature Bay Area creators who combine the two worlds, such as strawberry farmers, painters, and a trivia quiz leader. Technology not only affects what and how they do their work—like running the music and quiz questions from an iPhone or using DNA sequencers on a strawberry farm—but, inversely, the pioneers of the tech industry are both creators of art and the valley’s patrons of the arts. Here is a small look into our regions art and tech, all captured through the lens of a Silicon Valley emerging Devices.