Perform 11.3 (SOLD OUT)

Sold out

We typically think of a “performer” as a musician or an actor, but anyone that is producing or creating is performing various tasks to accomplish their goals and to further their dreams. Painters need to set up the canvas, and construction companies need to build to local ordinances and architectural plans. Winemakers need to tend the vines daily, and athletes need to train continually. There is an element of performing in all that we do if we are to bring something imaginative to completion. In this issue, we introduce you to a few locals who have been putting in the time to develop their craft, performing their daily task and rituals. Also in this issue, we celebrate the SVCreates 2019 Laureates. These are Santa Clara County artists who have been recognized by the creative community as those who have demonstrated influence, mastery, or growth in their creative practices. With that, we are excited to announce the Content Emerging Artist Award to Jarvis Subia.

Congratulations to all the SVArts recipients.

Daniel Garcia