Discover 16.1 (Winter '23)

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As we enter our 12th year as a print magazine, I am overwhelmed with the continual need for a publication like Content. Not merely because the South Bay creative scene doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves but because there are many people we have yet to feature and ongoing additions of creatives to the scene. This issue’s theme, “Discover,” has always been a theme for us. In the early days, we tried to be cute and call it “Seek” or “Find,” but the intention has remained the same: to showcase talented people right under our noses who might go unnoticed. Whether it is the growing appreciation of art in Los Altos, a privately owned gallery on a side street in Palo Alto, or the signs gracing your favorite restaurant, there is more to find, and the people behind this work and effort there to “Discover.”

Daniel Garcia

EPA Center, Nadine Rambeau | Tai Zhan Bakery, Wendy Chan | Gallerist, Pamela Walsh | Artist, Ignacio “Nacho” Moya | Musician and Painter, Ben Henderson | Artist, Miguel Machuca | Arts Los Altos, Maddy McBirney & Karen Zucker | Clothing Brand: Exhilo, Curtis Ying | Ensamble Folclórico Colibrí, Arturo Magaña | DJs, Soulmat3s | Musician, Will Sprott


Writers - Brandon Roos, Esther Young, Alyssarhaye Graciano, Michelle Rundowitz, Troy Ewers, Breanne Erb, Taran Escobar-Ausman, Priya Das

Editors - Elizabeth Sullivan, Grace Olivieri, Katherine Hypes, Virginia Graham, Samantha Peth, Katie Shiver, Samantha Hull, Danae Stahlnecker, David Ngo

Photographers- Stan Olszewski, Arabela Espinoza, Leopoldo Macaya, Alex Knowbody, Miguel Ozuna, Lauren Locquiao, Joel Bartlett, Jai Tanju, Cyntia Apps

Interns - Nirvan Vijaykar

Cultivator - Daniel Garcia

Content Producer - David E. Valdespino Jr.